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Title: Bingo Online Has its Twists
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Description: Online bingo is in many ways the same as "real life" bingo, except for it is played behind a computer instead of a bingo hall. "Bingo Zone" was one of the first online bingo games was launched in 1996. This was a free bingo game that used targeted ads to make money from its users. Since that time online bingo games have soared into a huge online market.

There are four main types of online bingo. North American bingo typically uses 75 balls with a 5x5 bingo card with the center square usually marked as a "free space." The letters B-I-N-G-O typically sits atop the bingo card. A winning pattern can be won in a large variety of ways, from a single line to a "cover all." Speed bingo is practically the same game but with the numbers called out faster.

In the UK, certain parts of Europe, Australia, and parts of South America they play a 90-ball game marked on a 9x3 card. In this game each card has three rows and 9 vertical columns. Each line contains five numbers, with the card containing a total of 15 numbers.

90 ball has three stages: one line, two lines, and a full house. One line is won by getting one line, two line by getting two lines, and a full house by getting all 15 numbers on the card. The prize differs for each stage of the game and each prize is shared among winners. The full house is usually the biggest prize of the game.

There is also a third "quick" type of bingo played online. It is played with 30 balls, numbered one through thirty. This game utilizes a 3x3 bingo card and the object of the game is to be the first player that "fills" his or her card.

The fourth and final type of bingo is called 80 ball bingo, which is a combination of 75 bingo ball rules and 90 bingo ball rules. The bingo cards are 4x4, containing a total of 16 numbers. There are a variety of games that can be played with this type of bingo. A line can be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. Some people also play "four corners" and multiple lines as a way to win, as well as a full house or coverall game as well.


This game features some of the best range of Jackpots and games features out of any online bingo game. Jackpotjoy's 90 Ball Bingo games are loaded with low prices, big bonus rounds and dazzling Jackpots that are won by thousands of lucky winners every day.

90 Ball Bingo is easy and fun to play, even if it's your first time playing an online bingo game. All you have to do is click the blue play button in the game's lobby. Then you select the online bingo room you want to enter and notice that three sections display on your screen. The one to the left is your current game, the one in the middle counts down to the next game, and the one all the way to the right provides a chat room area.

You can purchase cards for the upcoming game and watch it in anticipation. Then the Bingo Caller will announce each number and you can start checking off numbers. It could be just a few minutes before you are waiting on the edge of your seat.

After just a few games you will understand why so many people drop TV and the local bingo hall for this sensational game. These games are always a work in progress, which means they are improving every day! Give it a try today and test your luck one of the web's top bingo sites!

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