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Title: What video games do for you
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Description: The whole world of video gaming has stepped up. We now have VR and so much more. If you are a gamer you would understand that like animated movies, video games have transformed into a pastime for people of all age groups and culture. Gone are the days that video games were simply for kids.

Here are some things video games do for you

It slows the aging process
According to a study this year from the University of Iowa, playing brain teasing game for as much as two hours a week would slow the degree of mental decay that is connected with the aging process. Every game is cognitively complex and requires mental abilities for you to play it.

It reduces stress
According to medicalnewstoday, researches presented evidence to prove that video games reduce anxiety or pain caused by medical procedures. Although emphasis was focused on virtual reality, the gaming world could significantly reduce stress and fear when you immerse yourself in it.

Doctors have suggested that you take up video games to blow off steam and get out of a negative zone.

It improves eyesight
Games such as “Call of Duty” or “Unreal Tournament 2004 have been known to give you better eyesight. The thing about such games is that shooting bad guys in such games boosts “contrast sensitivity function.” By aiming at enemies games have improved vision because their eyesight is exercised.

You can make some money
There are lot of sites that pay you for playing games online. It is stunning that NBC had to do an episode on this because there are a few people who were making close to 5, 000 dollars playing games at home. Yes there are web-based games that you can play and would earn you a few thousand dollars a month!

You are able to make faster decisions
The ability to retrieve information and react to it fast is a skill you have in good gamers. There is always new information displayed on the screen and it is up to gamers to be flexible and respond quickly. Through gaming your ability to make faster decisions can be improved.

You make new social connections
Even when you are spending time indoors as a gamer, you can play with other gamers online. With the rise of multi-player experiences online you can be socially connected with other people. Gamers are not really insulated these days since this new form of socializing improves team play and solving problems in new ways.

It encourages you to be proactive
There is a whole new level of whole-boy interaction in certain games. Simply holding a control can lead to physical activity. There are games like tennis, basketball or football that will lead children or persons to practice these skills outdoors.

It curbs cravings
Players who may have become indulgent in smoking, drinking or overeating can reach for the controller instead of engaging in their cravings. To fight a bad habit, you may need another habit. According to a university study after playing a puzzle game, gamers have a 24 percent reduction in desire.

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